Product Description

Solution: SAP NetWeaver

Delivery Methods: E-Learning

Duration: 60 Min

Level: Details, Configuration & Transaction

Languages: English

Solution Release: < SAP NETWEAVER 04


  • Use extract datasets to generate list reports
    • Plan the use of extract datasets
    • Collect data in extract datasets
    • Display data from extract datasets in a report or form


  • Project Team Members
  • Consultants



  • BC405 Programming ABAP Reports


  • Experience using internal tables to generate lists
  • Practical experience programming ABAP reports


  • Using Extract Datasets in Reporting
    • Define an extract dataset
    • Describe the purpose and benefits of using extract datasets
    • Know how to plan a report that uses extract datasets
  • Collecting Data in Extract Datasets
    • Identify commands for defining report data
    • Identify commands for generating and saving extract datasets
    • Give examples of useful changes to sample program
  • Displaying Extract Datasets in Reports
    • Identify key commands for processing an extract dataset
    • Know how to sort an extract dataset
    • Explain reason and method for grouping data
    • Know how to run a report with extract datasets


  • Course length: 1 hour